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The light switches are available in a range of colour options detailed below.  The light switches use kinetic energy from the press of the button so are low energy and don’t require batteries or wires.


The light switches can be placed anywhere by either screw or double-sided sticker. The light switches are customisable so you can set scenes and light levels.


Light switches come with the option of single or double rocker and are available in grey or white.


The face plates for the light switches come in a range of colours to suit the style of your room.

Arke Wireless Casambi Light Switches

VAT Included
  • Switch Rocker Options:

    Single or double rocker available in Grey or White.


    Face plate options:

    Full range of colours avalable.

    For more information on the matertial type please contact or call 0208 090 1413

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