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VAIRUS devices aim to improve and maintain indoor air quality, destroying up to 99.9% of aeriform pathogens.


VAIRUS is an innovative system of photocatalytic oxidative purification of air, which takes place through the combination of UV-A LEDs and photo-active Titanium Dioxide. Being a completely harmless system, it can be used continuously and even in the presence of people. With a compact and sophisticated design, VAIRUS provides the possibility of being integrated with track lighting systems, making VAIRUS a very versatile product.


VAIRUS uses an advanced technology that, thanks to ceramic cells in Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), activated by specific UV-A LEDs, effectively allows to oxidize and break down pathogens. Unlike traditional air purifiers with Hepa filters or activated carbon, VAIRUS destroys substances, instead of retaining them, preventing the filters, once saturated, from becoming in turn a source of proliferation of bacterial flora.

Varius Smart Table Air Purifier

VAT Included
  • Air Flow 126m³/h
    App Device iOS & Andriod
    IOT 4.0

    Smart Control Casambi
    Touch (on/off - Select Mode)

    Filters Prefilter (dust capture) Ti0₂ filters + UV-A LED
    Noise from 15 dBa to 50 dBa
    Rated Voltage 110 ÷ 240 Vac
    Power Consumption 38 W
    Room Coverage up to 80 m² *
    Air Quality Sensor Temperateure - Humidity Pressure - TVOC CO2 rel. - IAQ - Air Flow

    275mm x 112mm

    Base Ø 130mm

    * The flow rate is indicative, as it varies according to the type of environment / ventilation present.

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